Northern Ireland Electricity

Reliable, responsive and efficient

Acquired by ESB in December 2010, NIE Networks remains an autonomous organisation with its own board and management teams and separate regulation via the Utility Regulator.

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) Networks owns the electricity transmission and distribution networks which transport power to over 860,000 customers. It owns and maintains over 50,000 kms of electricity network in Northern Ireland.

The mission of NIE is to distribute electricity in a safe, reliable way that is efficient and environmentally sound. Every year NIE Networks connects thousands of homes and businesses, develops the network to meet business needs and provides metering services for all our customers in Northern Ireland.

NIE Networks provides a safe, reliable and responsive electricity service that always aims to meet and exceed our customers' expectations each day. Bringing a brighter, cleaner future to people, homes and businesses all over Northern Ireland.

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